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StrateX Workforce Management software helps you to plan resources when customers need it. The tighter your forecasts, planning, adherence and analysis, the better you control costs and budget. Yet in many complex organizations it is very hard to keep sight on resources and customer needs. Why not let us help you out, with intelligent, cloud-based and user-friendly software?

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Why Stratex WFM?

Our cloud-based software is fast and easily accessible on any device. Anywhere. Anytime. Our software is automatically updated and scales smoothly with the growth of your organization.

Access anywhere Anytime

StrateX WFM offers an easy, yet sophisticated user experience. As WFM experts we’ve translated years of insights and best-practices into a powerful and versatile planning tool that we love using ourselves.

User friendly interface

Predict future demand with accuracy. StrateX Forecast combines innovative algorithms with an extensive database of local and global drivers to generate a reliable estimation of what to expect.

Highly accurate Forecasting

Scheduling multi-skill environments should be easy. That why we've designed a smart user management system and innovative work queue tools, so you turn complex challenges into elegant schedules.

Multi-skill Scheduling

4 powerful modules



Predicting future demand is essential if you want to allocate your resources efficiently. StrateX Forecast helps you maintain an optimal service level by delivering highly accurate predictions.

Import any numerical data set and combine multiple datasets
Analyse your data on quality and consistency
Identify your baseline and add drivers manually



Our planning tools are extremely powerful. Manage your capacity, organize your pool and schedule your teams easily, yet advanced. Have your shifts scheduled for all your employees within minutes!

Capacity Management

Full insights into your planning and budgetary needs for a desired period.

Clear user interface to make easy calculations
Detailed cost overview and budget plan
Be supported by our extended library of algorithms
Match expected work challenges with the required workforce

Machine learning based Scheduling

Customize every aspect about your schedule

Smart technology helps you continuously to improve scheduling results
Simulate any environment based on Forecast. Discover valuable insights!
Multi-skilled Scheduling. Model the routing roles, skills and levels you need 

Pool Management

Our unique Pool Management matches skills, just when you need them

Helps you with staff turn over
Gives you insights into when to train your employee pool and improve your hiring cycle
Assign people with the right skills to the right tasks



All forecast and planned. But how to react in unexpected situations? Make better tactical decisions. Adherence places you in charge.

Real time communication between trafficker and agents
Real time data and clear overview for supervisors
Allows supervisors to dictate what is acceptable in real time



StrateX WFM suite provides you with detailed management information, e.g.:

Multi-level information (teams, manager, employee)
Clear overview of forecasting, scheduling, capacity planning, pool management and adherence
Overall insight into whole customer contact environment

A true partnership

StrateX WFM Professionals have a very open working attitude, we work side by side in a true partnership. This ensures to get the most out of the product for our customers as we are continuously making progress.

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Noordhoff Uitgevers

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